Banker Box Shelving Allows for Many Flexible Uses

September 18, 2018

When you purchase banker box shelving, you’re not constricted to setting up your shelving system in any particular way. A standard setup involving a 60-inch and 69-inch wide shelving system will allow you to easily store up to 60 letter-size banker boxes, but you might not necessarily set your racks up in this standard way—or even be storing banker boxes on them!

Banker box shelving is flexible both in terms of its cost and usage. Many shelf manufacturers are able to design custom systems for your facility based on your needs, and even create systems that will hold thousands of banker boxes for you. It all depends on what goals you’re looking to achieve with your banker box shelving.

Some examples of the features of banker box industrial shelving that allows for this flexibility of use include:

  • Low profiles: If you’re looking to maximize your vertical storage space and need to get easy access to your items, there are low-profile shelving units with supports that are just over an inch tall but still capable of handling massive load capacities of anywhere from 600 to 800 lbs, depending on the shelf size and steel gauge you choose. You’ll usually find these shelves in widths of up to 48”.
  • Wide profiles: Wide profile shelving units are available for applications in which you have decking spread out over much wider ranges. Whether your shelving unit features particle board or wire decking, the unit will be able to hold a significant amount of weight, ranging anywhere from 1,250 lbs to 2,500 lbs in weight capacity, depending on the size of the shelf. These types of banker box shelving systems are usually available in widths up to 96”.
  • Medium profiles: These types of shelving units are primarily for industrial-strength storage applications. They have high steel channel beams to maximize the strength of the shelving, allowing them to hold greater weight amounts for shelves that are at least 48” long. The load capacities for these types of shelves are usually anywhere from 1,600 lbs to 2,500 lbs, depending on the size of the shelving, with widths of up to 96”.
  • Adjustability with steel framework: Most standard banker box shelving systems have extremely sturdy steel framework and steel shelving, which makes them cost effective but also quite strong. Steel shelving clips get attached to the uprights to make for stronger connection points for each individual shelf, which eliminates the need for you to use sway braces and also makes it easier to access the shelving system from all four sides—an important feature for shelving units that are not up against a wall. You just need to make sure you have the proper shelf supports to stabilize the top and bottom ends of the unit.

Thanks to the wide variety of options available with banker box shelving, it’s easy to see why this type of shelving is popular across a spectrum of industries, and why it can be used in settings as diverse as auto repair shops, retail stores, clothing stockrooms, farmers markets and more to provide an effective shelving solution.

Interested in learning more about some of the various benefits associated with banker box industrial shelving? We encourage you to get in touch with our team for more information, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about our shelving solutions.

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