Nashville Wire Products

nashville-wireNashville Wire Products is a diverse organization serving multiple markets and thousands of customers world wide. Our primary markets include OEM parts, wire mesh, retail displays, store fixtures, and wire products for the material handling industry. Cutting edge technology, quality products, and unparalleled service have earned us a leadership position in all of the markets that we serve.

Quality, strength, and reliability are just a few benefits of filling your pallet rack with Pallet Shelf™ wire decking from Nashville Wire Products. With a broad array of stock and quick ship sizes available, nothing will serve your pallet racking needs better.

Choose from a variety of wire diameters 2 gauge, 4 gauge or 6 gauge
Select fabric configuration to accommodate the products’ size, weight, and shapes
Choose from the industry’s widest selection of reinforcing channels (including inverted)
Try our multi-purpose, low-cost decking for lightweight applications (no channels)


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For lighter duty applications, we offer Kwik Shelf™ wire shelving. Sturdy and durable this line of shelving is perfect for all lighter capacity applications including retail, wholesale, and automotive.


Roll Carts
Steel wire roll carts manufactured with heavy-duty tubing built for years of dependable service.

Wire Shelving for Cooking
Nashville Wire Products specializes in the production of high volume production of wire cooking surfaces for the appliance industry commercial and domestic.


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Material Handling Containers
Containers provide yet another option in the search for your storage solution. Whether storing small parts in a junior container or filling our larger options to their full 4000 lbs capacity, our containers efficiently maximize any storage space.

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commercial-refiigerationCommercial Refrigeration Shelving

Nashville Wire Products manufacturers steel and wire components for commercial refrigeration shelving.

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