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Why Do I Need to Store Files in Banker Box Shelves?

May 17, 2018

Banker boxes are an ever-present element of just about any office setting, especially if you work in financial or legal fields. You might be surprised at how quickly these boxes can build up and take over a workplace. In businesses where paper documentation and physical storage are crucial, you’ll be adding to this storage just about every single day. It’s not uncommon, therefore, to see multiple banker boxes piled up on top of each other in a corner, or thrown haphazardly into an extra room. This is, of course, bad for organizational purposes, but it could also be bad for... View Article

How Many Banker Boxes Can I Fit in My Banker Box Shelving?

May 3, 2018

If you walk into any business or law office around the country, you’ll find plenty of banker boxes, whether they’re sitting in the corner of an office, on top of a filing cabinet or actually put away in organized storage. These boxes are made for storing paper files and typically have cardboard lids that fit snugly on top. These types of boxes have been a fixture in the worlds of business and banking for about 100 years. The story goes that the Bankers Box Company was formed after one of the founders, Walter Nickel, began making cardboard boxes and selling... View Article

What Constitutes a Bay of Pallet Racks?

April 16, 2018

When we’re talking about pallet racking, what do we mean when we refer to a “bay of pallet racks”? There are a couple definitions. A bay of pallet racks can refer to a single standalone unit, one floor level and two beam levels. It can also refer to a starter unit with additional add-on units sharing their upright columns. When determining how much space you have for a row of pallet racks, you need to allow for the growth (the width of the upright columns). The basics of pallet racking If you are having a hard time figuring out the... View Article

Questions to Consider When Purchasing a Cantilever Racking System

April 16, 2018

Are you preparing to purchase a new cantilever racking system for your warehouse? The main issues you need to consider when designing that system are the required arms, braces and uprights, as well as what you’ll be storing and how much storage space you need. Here are a few key questions to consider when you decide you’d like to design and/or purchase a new cantilever racking system. What are you storing? This is the first question you need to consider when designing or purchasing any type of storage system. The materials or items you plan to store will have a... View Article