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Why Mobile Storage Cabinets Are Best for Medical Supplies and Records

April 28, 2019

Storing medical supplies and records can be tricky. You need to be able to access the information you’re looking for quickly and efficiently. Static storage takes up a fixed amount of space, even as the records you have to store continue to expand. When you can no longer increase the square footage of your storage space, it’s time to consider investing in rolling shelves and mobile storage cabinets. Mobile storage can improve your medical supply storage in a number of ways: Eliminates fixed aisles: Fixed aisles keep your storage accommodation static. This means that even as your needs grow, you... View Article

Weapon Storage 101: Storing Your Firearms

April 3, 2019

Weapon storage is an important part of firearm safety. With so many storage options to choose from, it can be tricky to know which is best for your weapons. There’s a range of size, cost and features to understand before choosing the solution that optimizes your space while, most importantly, keeping safety in mind. Safe weapon storage Whichever safe or storage system you end up choosing, there are hard rules about how to properly and safely store your firearms. They must be stored unloaded, with their ammunition kept in a separate location. The firearm should be stored in a locked... View Article

The Value of Using Banker Box Shelving

March 29, 2019

What system are you currently using to store your files, documents and important records? Are you using appropriate warehouse shelving, or is your space filled with stacked boxes and random piles of crates? If you’re not currently using banker box shelving, you’re missing out on the many benefits this heavy-duty shelving has to offer. Take a look at the following features of banker box shelving, and consider how it can enhance your current storage solution. Sizes This heavy-duty shelving is available in a variety of sizes. You’re sure to find a unit that meets your unique storage needs: Low profile... View Article

The Value and Strength of the Meco Cantilever Rack

March 14, 2019

Could your operations benefit from cantilever racking? Do you need a streamlined inventory system that offers easy access and flexibility? The Meco cantilever rack could be your ideal solution. If you’re weighing options for your storage needs, consider the many benefits of the Meco cantilever rack. To discuss the potential this system holds for your business, contact the team at Industrial Shelving USA: Flexible: The Meco cantilever rack is available in five basic capacity series to meet every storage need. The arms are completely adjustable and are available in a variety of lengths. The system can be used single sided... View Article

Some of the Most Common (and Avoidable) Pallet Rack Safety Hazards

February 12, 2019

Pallet racks are a critical part of warehouse storage. However, you’ll typically find that these racking systems are generally neglected after they’re installed. A lack of care and maintenance for these systems can, over time, create some potentially dangerous or even deadly occupational and safety hazards, as well as create the potential for some significant damage to inventory and equipment. To prevent these issues from arising, it is important to implement comprehensive pallet racking system inspections and assessments. Businesses can increase safety quite a bit by being proactive about addressing some of the most common and avoidable pallet rack safety... View Article