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Some of the Most Common (and Avoidable) Pallet Rack Safety Hazards

February 12, 2019

Pallet racks are a critical part of warehouse storage. However, you’ll typically find that these racking systems are generally neglected after they’re installed. A lack of care and maintenance for these systems can, over time, create some potentially dangerous or even deadly occupational and safety hazards, as well as create the potential for some significant damage to inventory and equipment. To prevent these issues from arising, it is important to implement comprehensive pallet racking system inspections and assessments. Businesses can increase safety quite a bit by being proactive about addressing some of the most common and avoidable pallet rack safety... View Article

What’s the Difference Between Husky Racking and Wire Pallet Racking?

January 5, 2019

You’re setting up your heavy duty shelving system. You have many options for materials and suppliers. What is your best choice? To know the answer to this, you must first know the differences between your various options. So, what is the difference between Husky racking and wire pallet racking? Both of these racking styles are used in industrial settings to create sturdy storage systems. However, each offers different advantages and is appropriate for different solutions. Here’s the scoop on these products. Use this guide to determine which is best for your setting. Husky Racking Husky racking offers superior quality and... View Article