The Value of Using Banker Box Shelving

March 29, 2019

What system are you currently using to store your files, documents and important records? Are you using appropriate warehouse shelving, or is your space filled with stacked boxes and random piles of crates?

If you’re not currently using banker box shelving, you’re missing out on the many benefits this heavy-duty shelving has to offer. Take a look at the following features of banker box shelving, and consider how it can enhance your current storage solution.


This heavy-duty shelving is available in a variety of sizes. You’re sure to find a unit that meets your unique storage needs:

  • Low profile shelving unit: Do you need to maximize vertical storage space? Do you need unobstructed access to the items you have in storage? A low-profile shelving unit is your ideal solution. These units are only roughly 12 feet tall, but they can hold up to 800 pounds. They are also available in a range of widths.
  • Wide profile shelving unit: Could you use a wider shelf that can still handle heavy loads? Banker box shelving is also available in wide profile heavy-duty shelving. This offers wire decking and particle board applications. Weight capacities span up to more than a ton. Widths can stretch up to 96 inches. For those who need expansive storage, this banker box shelving is perfect.
  • Medium profile shelving unit: Like Goldilocks, you might be searching for the warehouse shelving that is “just right” for you. This could be it. Medium profile shelving units are available for loads ranging from 1,600 to 2,500 pounds, with shelf spans of four feet and longer. Medium profile widths are available up to eight feet.


Perhaps you don’t believe you are in need of heavy-duty shelving for your files. You’re happy with your current storage system. But are your files sitting on the ground? Are they accessible? Warehouse shelving is a simple and effective method of organizing your files in banker boxes that can be safely stacked and stored for easy retrieval when needed.

Keeping your boxes off the floor will help prevent rodent and insect infestations, and it will help prevent water damage to crucial documents and materials. This heavy-duty shelving also adds a level of safety to your storage area, as boxes are more easily accessed and less likely to topple. The organization system further protects your items by preventing box crushing that can happen when banker boxes aren’t stored properly.

This versatile system is helpful to organize a wide range of items, from small inventory to personnel records to invoices and more. Whether you have a room full of sensitive documents or a warehouse full of product, a banker box storage system will help you stay organized.

Invest in Value

Would you like to start enjoying the benefits of banker box shelving? For the best warehouse shelving solutions, contact the experts at Industrial Shelving USA. We have been supplying heavy-duty shelving for all industries since 1988 and are confident we have the storage style to meet your needs. Reach out to our team today to start building the ideal storage solution for your setting.

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