The Value and Strength of the Meco Cantilever Rack

March 14, 2019

Could your operations benefit from cantilever racking? Do you need a streamlined inventory system that offers easy access and flexibility? The Meco cantilever rack could be your ideal solution.

If you’re weighing options for your storage needs, consider the many benefits of the Meco cantilever rack. To discuss the potential this system holds for your business, contact the team at Industrial Shelving USA:

  • Flexible: The Meco cantilever rack is available in five basic capacity series to meet every storage need. The arms are completely adjustable and are available in a variety of lengths. The system can be used single sided or double sided, and bases come with and without lips. With so many options, the storage size and arrangement possibilities are nearly limitless. You’re sure to find the right combination of cantilever racking to meet your needs.
  • Modular: With the Meco cantilever rack, you don’t have to worry about changing storage needs. If you need something slightly different in the future, or your storage needs grow, simply rearrange your system or add to it. It’s that easy! Single sided uprights can be converted to doubles. Various arms can be interchanged to adjust for different uses. The racks are designed for easy assembly and adjustments.
  • Accessible: Does your inventory include unwieldy items such as tube bars or other long, heavy materials? That’s not a problem with the Meco cantilever rack. This system is designed to accommodate this type of product. The bases can even be used for extra storage. The system provides fast and efficient loading and unloading directly to and from a forklift. You can easily grab a single piece or a full load.
  • Customizable: Not sure exactly what to order? No problem. Simply contact Industrial Shelving USA. One of our cantilever racking system experts can help you determine your storage needs and develop the perfect system to meet them. Cantilever racking can be ordered in a wide variety of sizes and strengths, so it’s simple to put together a package that will suit your setting. You can even customize the color, if you prefer something other than gray.
  • Economical: Few systems offer so many benefits. If you’re looking for something that will last, the Meco cantilever rack should be your go-to choice. Creating a system for your inventory is a significant investment, so you want to choose something that will be able to meet your needs well into the future. This versatile system is a great solution. Designed with value and strength in mind, this cantilever racking system offers top ROI.

Build Your System

Are you ready to start reaping the benefits of cantilever racking systems? If you’re interested in the Meco cantilever rack or other shelving systems, contact the team at Industrial Shelving USA. We are a national supplier and distributor of high-grade shelving, from cantilever racks to pallet racks and more. We’ve been the go-to source for heavy-duty shelving since 1988 and are confident we can provide the storage style you need for your operations. Reach out to us today with any questions or to start building your future storage system.

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