Why Mobile Storage Cabinets Are Best for Medical Supplies and Records

April 28, 2019

Storing medical supplies and records can be tricky. You need to be able to access the information you’re looking for quickly and efficiently. Static storage takes up a fixed amount of space, even as the records you have to store continue to expand. When you can no longer increase the square footage of your storage space, it’s time to consider investing in rolling shelves and mobile storage cabinets. Mobile storage can improve your medical supply storage in a number of ways:

  • Eliminates fixed aisles: Fixed aisles keep your storage accommodation static. This means that even as your needs grow, you have the same amount of space and storage capacity as you did before. Mobile storage cabinets and rolling shelves eliminate the necessity of fixed aisles that can’t change.
  • Eliminates overcrowding: With static storage, your only options are to stuff more items in the same space or pay for more storage space. Adding more items to the space allotted results in overcrowding. Mobile storage can expand your storage space and eliminate this problem.
  • Eliminates disorganization: With overcrowding comes disorganization. Unorganized files and equipment leads to a decrease in productivity, and consequently, morale. When it continues to take longer to find the same information, employees get frustrated, which can have a huge effect on how smoothly (or not) things run.
  • Increases storage capacity: Mobile shelving and rolling shelves can more than double the amount of space you already have. Hospitals are constantly increasing the volume of records they need to store. Not only will increasing the amount of storage accommodate the records and supplies better, but it will increase efficiency and productivity immediately.
  • Eliminates off-site storage fees: By increasing your on-site storage capacity, you can reduce or even completely eliminate off-site storage needs, which means more accessibility faster, and no off-site storage fees!
  • Accommodates multiple sized items: Mobile storage cabinets are inherently more customizable than fixed shelves. This means it’s easier to store a vast array of differently sized items, from bulk supplies and large boxes to small bottles and IV supplies. Organize small, delicate items along with larger, bulky items with ease.
  • Accommodates strangely shaped items: Along with multiple size accommodations, mobile storage cabinets can be customized to house unusually shaped items as well. From papers and records to supplies and equipment, rolling shelves can accommodate anything.
  • Improves efficiency: With more space comes greater efficiency. Being able to more easily access items decreases searching time and increases productivity. It’s easier to control inventory and keep everything organized, which improves efficiency and morale.
  • Provides security: Mobile shelves can be closed securely to protect sensitive information and equipment more easily than fixed aisles can. Mobile shelving includes programmable features that can easily lock items and guard against unauthorized access.

For the best mobile storage cabinets for medical supplies and records, contact the experts at Industrial Shelving USA. We have been supplying mobile shelving and rolling shelves for hospitals, doctor’s offices and more since 1988, and are confident that we have the best storage solutions for you. Find out more by calling us today!

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