How Many Banker Boxes Can I Fit in My Banker Box Shelving?

May 3, 2018

If you walk into any business or law office around the country, you’ll find plenty of banker boxes, whether they’re sitting in the corner of an office, on top of a filing cabinet or actually put away in organized storage. These boxes are made for storing paper files and typically have cardboard lids that fit snugly on top.

These types of boxes have been a fixture in the worlds of business and banking for about 100 years. The story goes that the Bankers Box Company was formed after one of the founders, Walter Nickel, began making cardboard boxes and selling them to banks to store their records. The 16th Amendment, which legalized income taxes, had just recently been ratified, and another entrepreneur named Harry Fellowes knew the tax would have to be expanded to pay for the efforts in World War I. Together, the two reasoned the boxes would be needed on a large scale very soon for record storage, and they were right.

Today these boxes are ubiquitous, so much so that there are types of industrial shelving specifically designed for storing those banker boxes.

Shelving for your business

If you’re looking at getting some of this shelving for your business to store your banker boxes filled with old records, documents and other items, you might be wondering exactly how much shelving space you need. This, of course, depends on the number of boxes you have to store away. But here is some general information about the shelving options we offer.

For letter-size documents, we have two standard shelving units made by Tennsco for banker boxes.

The first size unit measures 60”H x 15”D x 69”W. It has three deck levels, with each shelf holding up to 10 boxes when double stacked for a total of 30 boxes per shelving unit. If you double the depth to 30”, you can double the total of boxes you are able to store (60).

The second size unit we have measures 84”H x 15”D x 69”W, so it adds another deck level. Here again, each shelf holds 10 boxes for a total of 40 boxes. And again, some people choose to double the shelving in terms of depth, which means you can hold up to 80 boxes total with this shelving unit.

Depending on the amount of floor space you have, there are also other shelving widths available. In fact, we can design a layout that will maximize the storage space available to you within any given area. We can also provide warehouse shelving that utilizes pallet racks. This pallet rack can be stacked as high as your warehouse’s ceiling allows, giving you the ultimate in banker box storage if you have large-scale document storage needs.

Want to know more about the various industrial shelving options we have for banker boxes and other types of storage? Contact Industrial Shelving USA today and we’ll happily answer any questions you have about how we can custom-design storage for your facilities. We look forward to working with you!

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