How to Maximize Your Commercial Storage Using Banker Box Shelving

July 30, 2018

Have you been looking for a way to maximize the storage you have in your office or warehouse? Consider using banker boxes and banker box shelving to make the best use out of your space. This is an especially excellent industrial shelving option for office buildings or other types of facilities where physical document storage is a big need.

We’ve seen many examples of businesses that simply do not have adequate storage for their needs, primarily due to a lack of shelving space. When it comes to folders and paper documents, it is common for these items to be left around in piles or just tossed into unorganized boxes and left in a corner or unused room.

The problem with this, of course, is that if your company is ever subjected to an audit or ever needs to find specific information that’s buried within these documents, you need to have an organized system that makes it easy to access those documents as soon as you need them.

Here are just a few of the reasons to use banker box shelving at your business:

  • Better organization: If you’re already using banker boxes, then it just makes sense to have shelving for them. If you just have banker boxes lying around in stacks or in random rooms, it’s going to be nearly impossible to keep track of which documents are where, even if you have those boxes labeled. You’ll find it so much easier to have them all centralized in a single location, where it’ll be much easier to organize those boxes on the shelving in alphabetical order, by type of document or by the year the documents date from.
  • Protect your documents: Banker boxes help protect your documents to an extent, but without proper shelving to store those boxes on, that protection will only go so far. Once you start to stack those boxes on top of each other is when you get into trouble, as the weight of the full boxes on the top will compound with the ones beneath it, crushing the bottom boxes and potentially crinkling and otherwise damaging the documents inside. Considering how important many of these documents are likely to be based on the information they could contain (copies of contracts, intellectual property information, financial statements, etc.), it’s important you use the proper shelving so you’re not stacking up these boxes and potentially causing damage to the documents inside.
  • Free up space: If you have banker boxes lying all over your office, chances are, they’re taking up valuable floor space that can be used for other tasks or items in your business’s space. Banker box shelving drastically reduces the amount of floor space being used by these boxes and will make your facility feel significantly less cluttered.

For more information about the various benefits of banker box shelving and the types of industrial shelving options that might be best suited for your business or office, we encourage you to contact the team at Industrial Shelving USA today.

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