Five Common Uses for Roll-Out Racks

July 3, 2018

Have you ever purchased something and immediately asked yourself why you never got one of those before? You realize how much easier life would have been if you’d discovered the product sooner. This is often the case when people decide to invest in industrial shelving.

Specifically, roll-out racks are a top choice to take your storage options to the next level. They are ideal for any garage, whether it’s used for small tool repairs or commercial truck maintenance. If you’re considering how to improve your workspace, familiarize yourself with roll-out rack options. Following are some of their most common uses:

  1. Engines: If you’re storing engines, there’s no better way to do so than with roll-out racks. This industrial shelving makes every engine job easier. Simply drop the engine on the heavy-duty shelving and roll it out of the way until you’re ready for it again. Few shelving units offer the capacity for storing engines, and too often mechanics end up leaving engines on the floor. Here, they can cause tripping hazards, stain the floor or get damaged by other moving parts or people. It is far better to place them safely and easily on a roll-away rack.
  2. Small parts: Have you ever misplaced a small part? It can be easy to do in a garage busy with multiple jobs, various parts and multiple technicians. Why not use roll-out racks? These make it easy for each mechanic to safely tuck away small parts for quick storage and access. Small parts can be stored for safe keeping and each rack or shelf can also be labeled for increased organization.
  3. Tools: How do you store your tools? Are they piled in a toolbox someone has to dig through each time a tool is needed? Are they haphazardly stored around the shop? Are they hung on the wall, where they are difficult to reach? Roll-out racks make tool storage simple. The sturdy industrial shelving offers the strength you need to hold heavy tools, and the roll-out feature makes it easy to access the right tool when you need it.
  4. Machinery: Do you need to regularly access a piece of machinery? Do you lack the counter space to store it? No problem. Roll-out racks are ideal to store and use machinery. Depending on the machinery, you can use it in place or simply pull it off the shelf when the task requires it.
  5. Industrial parts: Not every storage shelf is appropriate for industrial parts. You need something that will hold immense weight, remain stable and offer easy access. Roll-out racks are the perfect solution. Place parts on top of the shelf with a forklift, or easily remove heavy industrial parts from individual shelves that slide out for quick access.

Are you in search of the perfect storage solution for your company? Get your industrial shelving today. At Industrial Shelving USA, we have thousands of storage options of different shapes, styles and sizes. We have been supplying heavy-duty shelving for all industries since 1988 and are confident we have the storage style you need.

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