How Glide Racks Improve Safety and Productivity

July 17, 2018

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. For any company, safety is a top concern. Another list topper is productivity. To enhance operations and improve success, every company seeks to improve these two aspects of the business. The good news: heavy duty shelving can boost both.

Specifically, glide racks can help improve safety and productivity in several ways. If you invest in this storage solution, it will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Injury prevention: How often do your employees have to reach deep into shelves to retrieve something? This can be extremely dangerous. Reaching past sharp objects can easily cause serious injury due to cuts and scrapes. While dragging things out of the recesses and across other objects, employees may also wind up pushing items off the shelf, which can also cause injuries. Glide racks allow the employee to pull out individual shelves to easily access everything stored there.
  • Productivity increase: What happens when there are fewer injuries in the workplace? Productivity increases. Use glide racks and other heavy duty shelving to make your place of employment safer, and reap the benefits of a boost in your productivity.
  • Stability: Not every shelving unit is appropriate for all storage. You need heavy duty shelving if you’re doing heavy duty jobs. You want units that will provide stability, even when holding heavy loads. This will prevent tipping, breaking and other accidents that cause injury and slow down productivity.
  • Safe lifting: Glide racks allow machines and people to easily lift out the shelf if needed. They also make it easy to store items at heights that provide for safer retrieval. You’ll no longer need to leave large, heavy items on the floor, where they can be much more difficult to lift.
  • Safe storage: Glide racks offer individual shelves that lock into place once extended. This means a wide variety of tools, parts and machinery can be stored safely. Use machinery in place or easily retrieve it when needed. The shelving is even strong enough to support fork-lift drops from above. By keeping items on the glide rack, they will be out of the way, reducing tripping hazards and potential product damage.
  • Speed: When things are easier to access, employees spend less time searching for the right tool or product. Glide racks make it much easier to find things. Pull out each shelf to view everything stored on the rack. As items are found faster, the work gets done faster. As more jobs are completed, your productivity (and bottom line) go up.

Would you like to improve the safety and productivity of your company? Look to heavy duty shelving for the ideal solution. The shelving experts at Industrial Shelving USA have everything you need. Our shelving products are all constructed of high-grade material and are easy to assemble, so they are able to suit many diverse storage applications. Contact our team today to find out more about glide racks and other products that can help boost your bottom line.

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