Benefits of Drum and Barrel Equipment

January 23, 2019

Do you store or move drums and barrels? If so, it’s likely you could benefit from appropriate drum and barrel equipment. If you’ve never had the advantage of using this specialized equipment for your drums and barrels, you probably don’t realize how much you are missing out. Your experts in warehouse shelving are here to educate you on the benefits that you could start enjoying in the future.

As you weigh your options for equipment, consider the following advantages of using drum and barrel equipment. You’ll probably find that it is well worth the investment:

  • Productivity: Who doesn’t want to see an increase in productivity? This typically improves the bottom line, so everyone is happy. Drum and barrel equipment can drastically increase productivity. This equipment makes moving and dumping barrels much easier for workers. A job that used to take all day can be completed quickly and efficiently with the right equipment on hand.
  • Protection: How much does your company spend on employee work injuries each year? This equipment can help prevent workplace injuries. Manual jobs that put employees at risk can be completed with the assistance of equipment. This makes injuries less likely.
  • Dumping: Drum and barrel equipment allows workers to safely and efficiently dump drums at a variety of heights. Dumping that would have been impossible before is made simple with the use of this equipment.
  • Hazards: Do you handle drums and barrels that contain hazardous materials? Managing these drums with the proper equipment is key. When you consult with warehouse shelving experts, you can obtain the right equipment to make handling hazardous materials less risky.
  • Morale: When the workplace is safer and more productive, morale goes up. As moral improves, productivity increases even more. Using drum and barrel equipment makes life easier for workers, which becomes a win-win for everyone.
  • Costs: Compared to fixed systems, drum and barrel equipment offers lower costs. As the equipment reduces workers’ efforts and minimizes injury risk, you’ll enjoy greater profit and lower costs.
  • Weight: How heavy are the barrels and drums you handle? Consider how simple it could be to arrange, move and store these products if you had the right handling equipment. Materials that may have been too heavy to accept can now be moved easily with your equipment.
  • Space: Without the right equipment, you lose space utilization. With the right handling, you can maximize your storage space. Equipment arms may be able to access areas that would be unusable without them. You can stack barrels or place them in tight spaces where you could not without the use of the right handling equipment.

Reap the Benefits

Would you like to start reaping the benefits of drum and barrel equipment? Contact your experts in warehouse shelving to get the best solutions for your needs. At Industrial Shelving USA, we offer heavy-duty shelving options in all shapes, styles and sizes. We have been a go-to national supplier for heavy-duty shelving for all industries since 1988. Reach out to our team today with any questions or to order your drum and barrel equipment.

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