Drum Pallet Rack

Drum Pallet RackMeco Omaha Drum Pallet Racks will satisfy your high capacity drum storage requirements.

MECO OMAHA Drum Pallet Racks are designed to store 30 and 55 gallon drums they accept 12 or 16 drums depending upon model. Each level has a capacity of 4825 lbs. Rack is easy to assemble by bolting the load beams to the all welded 3″ structural channel upright frame – no special tools are required.

Frames are punched full height on 4″ centers permitting 2″ vertical adjustability of beams. The portable drum cradles are made of 1 1/4″ dia. tubing to prevent premature drum wear and can be positioned on the load beams to meet user requirements. Cradles are included with the rack. Drum cradles can be removed from any level to allow storage of palletized material.

Gray enamel finish. Ships Knocked Down. All Units 36″ Deep

Model No. Type Style Dimensions Capacity Weight
DPR12 3 Level Starter 84″ H x 105″ W 14,475 lbs. 480 lbs.
DPR12-A 12 Drum Add-On 84″H x 102″W 14,475 lbs. 417 lbs.
DPR16 4 Level Starter 120″H x 105″W 19,300 lbs. 655 lbs.
DPR16-A 16 Drum Add-On 120″H x 102″W 19,300 lbs. 563 lbs.

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