Stainless Steel Lockers

304 Stainless Steel Lockers

Product Description

The rich appearance and durable surface of Hallowell 304 Stainless Steel Lockers make them the perfect locker solution for areas prone to rust and sanitation concerns and are ideal for food industry, pool area and outdoor.


  • Body Contruction: knock-down 24 guage
  • Body Styles: single, double, and six tier
  • Door: Louvered. 16 gauge for single and double tier lockers. 18 gauge for 6-tier box lockers.
  • Latching: single and double tier use gravity-lift and six-tier uses single-point
  • Hinges: 2-1/2″ 5-knuckle hinges. 3 hinges for single tier and 2 hinges for double & six tier
  • Handle: Single and double tier lockers have a deep drawn stainless steel recessed handle with multi-point gravity
  • lift-type latching. Six tier lockers have a deep drawn stainless steel single-point recessed handle.
  • Hooks: One double prong ceiling hook and three single hooks per single and double tier opening. No hooks for six tier.
  • Coat Rods: available for single tier at a nominal cost
  • Shelves: hat shelf is included in single tier lockers
  • Legs: 6″ high legs are standard – lockers without legs are available for a nominal charge

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