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EQUIPTO offers space saving solutions for any workshop or storage space. Specializing in steel mezzanines, modular cabinets, industrial storage racks and containers. Engineered Storage Solutions for military units and bases with significant equipment, parts, documents and tools storage needs. EQUIPTO solutions include products for CONNEX and other mobile storage containers.

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Police Weapons and Evidence Storage

Ideal for Law Enforcement, Fire, & Security storage, Forensic equipment and supplies, Light weapons and ammunition storage, Forensic storage, ammunition handling storage.

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Platforms & Mezzanines by Equipto

Need more space, but don’t want to move or add on? Double or triple your floor space with Equipto pre-fabricated Platforms! These rugged elevated floors, walkways and stairways add valuable area where you need it.

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Scalable Tactical Weapons Storage Platform

In addition to new weapon systems, armorers are now challenged by an ever increasing quantity and array of items which must be securely stored and organized in their limited space Armories.

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V-Grip™ Shelving

At the heart of Equipto’s engineered space solutions is V-Grip, an industrial shelving system design that is unmatched in structural integrity and provides the industry’s broadest selection of accessory components to meet virtually any application.

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stack of stairs

Platforms – “Stack-of-Stairs”

Double or triple capacity without sacrificing valuable floor space. Building up is more economical and efficient than building out, solidly supported by welded uprights.

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mobile storage

Mobile Storage High-density

Public safety sectors use mobile shelving systems for weapons and evidence storage, and universities and professional athletic associations store athletic equipment in these Spacesaver systems.

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BOCA Stairways Uniform Building Code (UBC)

Equipto OSHA Stairways, Ship’s Ladders and Bridges Over 200 sizes designed to meet or exceed OSHA or IBC standards.

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High Density Tool Room and Shop Floor Renovations

We provide business with shelving solutions like Bins, Storage Shelving, Containers, Racks, Mezzanines, Racks, Shelving, Cabinets and Lockers. Office Partitions, Room Dividers, and Tool room management is our specialty.

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Zip-In Shelving

Equipto’s Zip-In shelving is the ideal solution when there is frequent change in the size of items being stored and the ability to easily change the vertical clear opening of each shelf location is a prerequisite.

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Iron Grip® Shelving

Equipto Iron Grip® features the strongest, most resourceful system. Quick shelf placement without tools; just a simple, solid steel studat every shelf corner.

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V-Grip™ Tire Rack

V-Grip Tire Racks provide a flexible and economical tire storage system. Tire Racks are available in various heights in either a stationary or mobile configuration.

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Railings and Drop Gates

Rail posts (3” x 3”) mount to the platform decking surface. Individual rail channels and kick plates are available in lengths of 30”, 42”, 45”, 57”, 69”, 72”, 90” & 93”.

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Tactical Weapon Storage Platform

In addition to new weapon systems, armorers are now challenged by an ever increasing array of items which must be securely stored and organized in their armories Customize this versatile cabinet with shelves.

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Market Applications

There are many markets that you can use our product line to increase productivity, save space, and save money..

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design your platform

Design your Platform – Mezzanines

In addition to new weapon systems, armorers are now challenged by an ever increasing array of items which must be securely stored and organized in their armories Customize this versatile cabinet with shelves.

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V-Grip™ Shelving Components

Designed and engineered for maximum interchangeability, V-Griptm components carry the quality assurance that has made Equipto the leader in industrial shelving systems…

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V-Grip™ Shelving Carts

Instant mobility, Open wire construction promotes high, visibility, letting light and air pass freely, Rugged and easy to use, Handles the most demanding jobs, All units..

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V-Grip™ Wire Racks

V-Grip Wire Racks provide the ideal solution when storing medium to heavy loads in an environment where air and light flow are important. Wire trusses provide 3-point rigid.

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V-Grip™ Shelving Bin Units

All Units are 36’’ Wide and 84’’ in Height, for other available heights and widths contact Equipto Inside Sales. Clear height of bin opening is 11/2” less than nominal height shown.

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60” Wide V-Grip™ Bulk Rack Drawers

There are 3 restrictions that will have to be followed when placing these drawer bodies in the bulk rack unit. One, to minimize the gap between the top of the drawer front and the…

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V-Grip™ Shelving with Drawers

Utilizing our V-Griptm wire shelving and our drip containment system, you can now have shelving fully capable of containing the occasional drip or spill from any fluid you need to store…

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color chart

Equipto Color Chart

Textured paint is the standard on all EQUIPTO products. Most products are available in the following colors at no additional cost. EQUIPTO offers a variety of additional colors, ESD paint, and custom match colors for an additional cost. Contact EQUIPTO Inside Sales for specific product applications.

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Modular Door Cabinets

Organize everything from the smallest hardware and jewelry to large motors and sporting equipment. Every heavy-duty Equipto Modular Drawer Cabinet is engineered and manufactured with exacting precision for years of rugged use.

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Workcenters and Work Benches

Equipto workcenters provide years of useful, rugged and efficient space utilization. Select from wall mount or free-standing units, with or without drawers, and the largest variety of accessories to take advantage of your work space. Equipto’s extensive line of workcenters organize your work areas to make you more productive.

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