Platforms & Mezzanines by Equipto


Need more space, but don’t want to move or add on? Double or triple your floor space with Equipto pre-fabricated Platforms! These rugged elevated floors, walkways and stairways add valuable area where you need it, at a fraction of the cost of acquiring new buildings. Because of their modular design, Equipto platforms are economical, quickly installed and can even be re-configured on your premises as your requirements change. They are designed to integrate with other Equipto products to provide one-source space savings that are custom tailored for your individual application. Everyplace from aircraft hangars to warehouses to factories will benefit from the space saving solutions provided with Equipto platforms!

  • Double floor capacity
  • Modular design lets you add units as needed
  • Cost-effective
  • Customized solution to the problem of limited space
  • Less expensive than leasing or Construction
  • Move them within your facility
  • Relocation to other facilities is easy
  • Prefabricated for immediate use

Our EQUIPTO product line offers the most complete line of Mezzanines to increase your overhead storage capacity.

EQUIPTO Mezzanines are modular, free standing and have an interlocking design. Each support offers utility channels and outlets. A variety of flooring options are available with a high capacity weight distribution per square foot.

Increase your existing storage space by 100% by going upwards with an EQUIPTO Mezzanine. Mezzanines avoid expensive facility construction and they are easy to reconfigure, move or expand.

EQUIPTO Mezzanines are OSHA and BOCA approved.

Design Benefits and Features

Modular, free-standing, assembled platform.Wide variety of decking options. High capacity, 125 lbs. per square foot. Rugged coating/coordinating colors. Integrates with all Equipto systems/accessories. Designed according to OSHA, BOCA and IBC guidelines.


Space utilization and Features
Increase space by at least 100%. Easy to reconfigure, move or expand. Avoid expensive construction. Maximize space floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

Market Applications
Automotive – large and bulk parts, supplies, archives. Education – athletic equipment, supplies, and maintenance. Healthcare – supplies and maintenance. Maintenance – tool cribs and parts inventory. Manufacturing – warehouse, archival, parts/supplies and maintenance. Military – service, maintenance, and parts/supplies storage. Retail – display areas and backroom storage.