Five Differences Between Q and Z Line Heavy Duty Shelving

December 1, 2018

Are you familiar with heavy duty shelving? Depending on your storage needs and space, Q or Z line heavy duty shelving may be the ideal solution. Which one is better? Consider the following differences between the two designs to determine which product line best meets your needs.

If you’re not sure about your future storage needs, consult with your storage shelving supplier. The experts at Industrial Shelving USA can help you determine which shelving solutions will be the best fit for your storage needs both today and tomorrow.


Z line heavy duty shelving offers a heavy-gauge double rivet boltless design. These units feature keyhole slots that form a rigid framework.

Q line heavy duty shelving features a box form shelf design. The corners of the shelves are fully lapped and welded for extra strength.


What do you need to store? Will you need heavy duty load capacities? While both Z line and Q line are heavy duty shelves, Z line offers a greater variety of profiles. Q lines are available in two gauges. Z line heavy duty shelves, meanwhile, are available in low profile, medium duty, heavy duty and extra heavy duty.


Q line heavy duty shelving offers pre-welded uprights. This style offers fast assembly and will hold up to 10,000 pounds per upright. Deck supports are available in particleboard, plywood and wire decking.

Z line heavy duty shelving offers a modular design that creates easy assembly. The style also allows you to configure the shelving to meet your unique storage needs. Uprights are available in particleboard, wire or steel.


What types of items do you need to store? Do you need to keep items carefully separated? Q line heavy duty shelving is available in enclosed varieties. These shelves offer backs and sides to keep items in place or shielded from view. Segregated portions provide 16 sizes of shelf dividers to meet all your storage needs.

Z line heavy duty shelving offers open varieties. The sides and backs of these shelves are open for easy access to items or to allow for storage of oversized items.


If you need extra depth for your storage solution, you probably need Z line heavy duty shelving. Z line units are available up to 96” wide and 48” deep. Q line heavy duty shelving is available in 18”, 24”, 30” and 36” depths. While both options offer strength and durability, the Z line options allow for a little more room in depth for larger items.

Get the Best Q Line and Z Line Storage Solutions

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