How to Plan Your Cantilever Racking Systems

September 4, 2018

Cantilever racking systems are ideal solutions for storing many different types of items and materials that are often not stored efficiently or in any sort of organized manner. These racks are generally designed for items that are longer or thinner and might not be able to fit on regular types of shelving.

If you’re interested in using cantilever racking systems for your facility and wondering whether they are in fact the best solution for your needs, here are a few ways people use them and the benefits they provide in such circumstances, which can give you a better idea of how to plan them out.

Storing items that are hard to fit on standard shelving

The unique design of cantilever shelving systems makes it easier for facilities to store longer and thinner items. Common examples of these items include beams, long pieces of lumber, steel racks and pre-packaged furniture. In many circumstances, these items are very difficult to store and cumbersome to attempt to move around with traditional racking and shelving.

Cantilever racks, however, have a much more open design and are longer on average, which makes them ideal for tall, skinny items you wish to keep off the ground. Therefore, you can plan to use these shelving systems in particular areas of your facility or store where these items would be kept.

Allowing for greater time and financial savings

Cantilever racks can offer you some big time savings both in terms of time and money. Their design allows you to store and handle them far easier than you’d otherwise be able to with standard shelving, and also makes it easier for workers to find the parts and items they need more quickly, or load them on the shelves more easily. This increased space and access and the time savings that result will save you money as a business as your workers can be more productive.

In addition, the increased storage space they offer (both in terms of length and depth) allows you to free up more space for other items, which means you can make the most out of your existing shelving solutions and not have to pay for space you don’t necessarily need.

More storage flexibility in your facility

The nature of a cantilever racking system’s design offers you much more flexibility with your storage solutions. The two racks on either side of a long I-beam with nothing directly above them (and lack of traditional “shelves”) allows for much easier access to the contents of the shelves, especially when using forklifts to get to the higher shelves. The open-concept design makes it easier for you to set up your storage exactly how you wish. You can store more SKUs and certain items on your racks without having to worry about them getting trapped behind pallets of other unneeded items.

These are just a few examples of how you can plan out cantilever racking systems in ways that are beneficial to your facility. Contact Industrial Shelving USA today to learn more.

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