Planning Industrial Storage for Every Season

December 5, 2018

Not all employees have a private desk or office where they can store their belongings during work hours. Do your employees have access to storage lockers? These industrial storage solutions are essential to provide for basic employee needs.

It’s also important to keep in mind that different employees have different needs, and that these needs vary by season. Use the following guide to give your staff appropriate storage lockers to meet their needs year-round.


The winter season brings with it a plethora of outdoor gear employees need to stay warm and safe. They will likely arrive for their shift in bulky coats and heavy boots, wearing hats, scarves and gloves. Where can all of these accessories go while they are working?

To provide proper storage lockers, you will need storage cabinets that offer ample space and convenient access. You also want something durable to withstand frequent use and exposure to snow and ice. Industrial storage lockers are ideal. Your employees will enjoy a secure place to store their winter wear while they work and easily access their gear when it’s time to head home for the day.


Spring brings everything from drizzly days to torrential downpours. To battle these rainstorms, your employees don rain boots, rain jackets, slickers, windbreakers and hats. They also carry umbrellas to help them stay dry on their way into and out of work. Once they make it to dry land inside your property, where will they put their rain gear?

Storage lockers are the perfect solution. You’ll keep your interior drier and clutter-free as employees store all of their wet items inside water-friendly lockers or storage cabinets.


As you plan for your employees’ storage needs, you must keep any special needs in mind. Storage lockers should be ADA compliant to make storing personal belongings easy and accessible for everyone.

Consider storage lockers that offer various height options and openings. Look for products that display the universal handicap symbol to indicate they are ADA compliant.


What items might your employees need due to the nature of their work? Do you assign personal hard hats? Do your employees have individual tool sets they use on the job? Do you require a safety vest or other uniform apparel that they must store?

Storage lockers offer year-round storage for these items. This will reduce the chances of employees’ forgetting their items at home or misplacing valuable equipment they need to complete their job duties.

Make Storage Simple

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