Datum MobileTrak® e5


MobileTrak® e5

High-Density Smart. Push-Button Easy.

MobileTrak® e5 combines all the benefits of high-capacity storage with the ease of electronic keypad operation. Thanks to its enclosed drive motor, carriages move easily at the push of a button no matter how much you’ve packed into them.

The MobileTrak® e5 powered system can accommodate all of Datum’s shelving solutions including 4Post, Stak-N-Lok, our stackable shelving solutions. And like our other mobile storage solutions, MobileTrak® e5 can be designed to accommodate storage units and shelving from other manufacturers, so you can make the most of your existing shelving and furnishings.

MobileTrak® e5 features state-of-the-art rail systems including non-grouted, grouted and recessed tracking and even seismic rails to accommodate any flooring type and facilities.

MobileTrak® e5 also features the very latest in safety technology, including a floor sweep that uses an infrared beam to detect motion and prevent accidental closure while units are in use. An additional sensor in the bottom of the carriage automatically opens a safe space whenever an obstacle is detected. Both systems are standard safety features come standard in the MobileTrak® e5.

Engineered with solid steel drive shafts and heavy-duty carriage construction, MobileTrak® e5 is a powered system built to stand up to years of heavy use.

Explore the MobileTrak® e5 powered system below, and let’s get you moving toward a better storage solution.


  • Available in an array of designer end panels to match your decor
  • May be customized with graphics to reflect your brand
  • Smooth, easy electronic keypad operation
  • Numerous decking and track options provide endless flexibility
  • Increases available space by 2-3 times within your existing footprint
  • Security wands, motion sensors and infrared floor sweep stop technologies secure contents and protect users
  • Features Lifetime Product Warranty & 2 Year Labor Warranty
  • Ideal for Police & Military, Art & Museums, Manufacturing & Industrial, Government & State Facilities, Libraries, Sports & Athletic Facilities, Schools & Colleges, Offices & Corporate Buildings and Healthcare & Medical Facilities