Police, weapons, and evidence room storage

weaponsIndustrial Shelving USA’s police, weapons, and evidence room storage shelving and high density mobile file systems bring a unique combination and solution to your multiple evidence storage situations that will directly contribute to lowering your costs. With high density mobile shelving systems, you can double your evidence storage capacity and optimize your space. Improve the efficiency of your filing management system by creating new areas and raising storage space in your facility. Whatever your needs, we can create a solution custom for you.

Ideal for Law Enforcement, Fire, & Security storage, Forensic equipment and supplies, Light weapons and ammunition storage, Forensic storage, ammunition handling storage. We have been serving the US Military, DEA, Police, and US Government for more than 20 years! If you have a weapons storage project, we can design the complete turn-key solution.

weaponIn addition to new weapon systems, armorers are now challenged with an ever-increasing quantity and array of items which must be securely stored and organized in their limited space armories. EQUIPTO has worked hard to create weapons storage options which are deployable, scalable, and sustainable.

EQUIPTO offers a number of solutions, some developed with direct input from United States armed forces, that can adapt to properly store any and all weapons. Modular platforms allow custom storage with unlimited configurations according to your wants and needs while assuring straight-line access and organizational awareness. Internal components are also available, including shelves, saddles, bins and trays that adjust on the fly.

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