Government Applications

international Engineered Storage Solutions for federal, state and municipalities in a variety of sectors:

  • First Responders
  • Military
    • Equipto has provided solutions to the National Guard, the Army Reserves and branches of the Amry, Air Force , Navy and Marines
    • Both stationary and mobile solutions
    • Secure Weapons Storage
    • SATS systems
    • Fully equipping Storage Rooms, Service Bays, Parts Storage for items ranging from medical supplies to tank parts
  • Transportation facilities
  • Law Enforcement
    • Weapons and other storage needs
  • Municipal, State and Federal Offices
  • Museums

Engineered Storage Solutions for:

  • Weapons storage
  • Bulk storage for supplies and large parts and tools
  • Military vehicle and flight service areas for specialized weapons and communications equipment
  • Staging areas for multi-level shelving systems
  • Parts and maintenance departments

Features and Benefits:

  • Facilities with ceiling heights of 14′ or more can maximize vertical storage space and double or triple available floor space with a mezzanine of shelf supported deckover
  • We have done deckovers three levels high to fully utilize available space
  • Modular design facilitates quick assembly
  • Less expensive than new construction
  • Prefabricated for immediate use
  • Expert engineering and design support
  • Connex modules for use in military containers of all sorts – stationary or mobile