Datum MobileTrak3®

atum MobileTrak3

Datum MobileTrak3® – A Big Solution for Tight Spaces

MobileTrak3 provides all the advantages of our high-density mobile storage systems in a low-profile design to fit your most challenging spaces. Featuring Datum’s state-of-the-art mobile track system, MobileTrak3 lets you pack 2-3 times more into your existing space while working around low ceilings, sprinkler systems, or other obstructions.

Our revolutionary tracking systems include non-grouted, grouted, and recessed rails to fit any flooring or facility layout.

MobileTrak3 features a secure push-button aisle locking system and easy-turning handle. It can accommodate all of Datum’s shelving solutions including 4Post, Stak-N-Lok, VuStak and ThinStak. We can even customize it to integrate with shelving from other manufacturers to help you get the most out of your existing furnishings.

MobileTrak3 is also easy to adjust, featuring an enclosed drive mechanism and an external adjustable chain tensioner. With MobileTrak3, no space is too small to provide useful storage.

Isn’t it time you moved up to a high-density mobile storage solution for your facility?


Durable low-profile design maximizes storage space in areas with constraints such as low ceilings, obstructions or sprinkler systems

  • Non-grout, grout, and recessed tracking solutions are available to fit your space and current flooring
  • Push-button aisle locking system and easy turning handle
  • Accommodates all of Datum’s shelving solutions, including 4Post, Stak-N-Lok, VuStak and ThinStak
  • Features Lifetime Product Warranty & 2 Year Labor Warranty
  • Ideal for Police & Military, Art & Museums, Manufacturing & Industrial, Government & State Facilities, Libraries, Sports & Athletic Facilities, Schools & Colleges, Offices & Corporate Buildings, Computer Labs and Healthcare & Medical Facilities