Consumer & Industrial Manufacturing

consumer manufacturing Engineered Storage Solutions for raw materials, finished good inventory, parts and tools for maintenance and shop floor operators. A wide variety of solutions store properly both the smallest and largest items you have. EQUIPTO has worked with many companies including John Deere, Johnson & Johnson, and Kraft Foods.

In Oil and Gas, EQUIPTO has worked with companies like Chevron and Anadarko with storage solutions on off shore oil rigs. We are supplying and installing all of the storage product required by these two companies. We are in the middle of two such projects right now in South Korea and the Gulf of Mexico. We have completed projects with Ras Gas in Qatar.


In the Utilities and Power Generation sector, EQUIPTO has worked with Florida Power and Light supplying and installing storage product for one of their new facilities and a series of projects with LA Power and Light among others.

In Aerospace, projects with Boeing in the US and Canada, United Airlines in a large project in the L.A. Airport.