22-1/2’’ Wide Modular Drawer Cabinets – Preconfigured Units

To customize an Equipto Modular Drawer Cabinet, first select a housing from the following options: 29” High, 331/2’’ High, 38” High, 44” High or 59” High

Select The Drawers You Want To Put In The Housing. (Keeping in mind the simple point system, in which the summation of the individual drawer points must equal the total points for the cabinet housing.) Interior useable dimensions on all drawers is 183/4” W x 251/8” D Select divider sets for each drawer that will help you maximize your storage space within each drawer. Divider Sets are optional, and are not required to order a cabinet. 200 lbs. Divider kits – 221/2’’ wide – all dividers are smooth office gray in color (for 400 lbs. add an H to end of part #. Only 3”-71/2”H available)